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Howdy. This is Cindy, a sophomore student at Emory University. I come from Shanghai, a metropolis and the economic center of China. My personal interests are Photography and Japanese Anime. I can also dub people of different ages and of different voices. You can check out for more information on my domain!

The most ambitious promise of the new narrative medium is its potential for telling stories about whole systems. The format that most fully exploits the properties of digital environments is not the hyper-text or the fighting game but the simulation: the virtual world full of interrelated entities, a world we can enter, manipulate, and observe in process. We might therefore expect the virtuosos of cyberdrama to create simulated environments that capture behavioral patterns and patterns of interrelationships with a new clarity. (Hamlet on the Holodeck)

Aura is lost in the age of mechanical reproduction. (Walter Benjamin)
Participatory culture shifts the focus of literacy from one of individual expression to community involvement. (Henry Jenkins)
Information literacy is not the antidote to fake news. (Rolin Moe)