My work
The original photo, found in unsplash

As someone who is fond of art, I realized that my conventional know-how for sketching did not apply to this assignment. The coarse grids and the restrictions of 16×16 pixels challenged my intention to create an indexical representation of the original photo. However, I managed to recreate the image by abstractly showing its details through a wide variety of colors. The shadow of the glass, the marshmallow with its edge colored by the chocolate syrup, as well as the gentle gradient in the background, all signified my effort to maximize the realistic effect in the constraints of 256 points.

When graphic designers were confined by the limited capacities of computers in the past, imagination, for both creators and receivers, were needed to ensure that the medium delivered its message. Both sides were used to abstract representation of objects, and employed their minds to decipher the image. In this specific case, I had to slightly modify the details of the image to make the object comprehensible, while the audience also needed to invoke their common sense and knowledge to “guess” what I was depicting. It was a computer world with less accuracy and clarification, but more fantasy and freedom.

Overall, though I encountered multiple challenges and spent a lot of time, I was still satisfied with my outcome since the dessert in the 256 points appeared as sweet as it actually is.

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