I was surprised to see how the page helped me reinforce the statement in my drawing. I intended to theme around the word “Veneer”, to show the idea that many people, including me, hide our true collapsed self from the outside world. Though we smile, appear forward-looking and optimistic, many of us are in fact extremely nostalgic, backward-looking and pessimistic. The synchronization of the two conversations, one for which we use to communicate with the outside world and one for which we use to speak to ourselves, was shown in the collaboration between the poem and the drawing.

I also used correction tape to create a contrived and artificial human face that was smiling confidently and charmingly. However, the poem depicted a pessimistic, critical and even capricious human mind that was deeply hidden from our veneer. It was not hard though, to find the vocabulary that fitted the context, given the descriptive nature of the work of Charles Dickens.

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