How to construction New Media? I have created a pyramid that divides the assembly process into five steps. We start from gaining the basic know-how for new media, which was reflected in not only the articles we read but also in how we came to understand new media in terms of ourselves, namely our technology literacy narrative. Then we had our preliminary experience with new media, just a very simple try of working with new media: we made podcast graphics and recorded podcast episodes. We analyzed the functioning of new media and also dealt with new media by using all the editing tools. This then unveiled the third step, an intermediate approach in which we coped with multiple forms of visualization and honed our basic digital skills (how to use photoshop, tableau, etc.). Right after we stepped into a complicated world where we used coding to build a website, and finally, utilized all the comprehensive knowledge to complete a project that has great meaning both digitally and socially.

Throughout the process, what intrigued me greatly was that though the assembly appeared organized and mechanical, it was in fact full of creativity and uncertainty. I was constantly being challenged by new objects and had to think hardly in order to make things work. I depicted our course as a smoothly lined pyramid, but in fact it was rough, full of small obstacles, but rewarding at the top.

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