GUMI is a popular Japanese singer. One thing special about her is that she does not exist in the real world but lives actively and well in the virtual realm. In other words, she is a humanoid persona voiced by a singing synthesizer.

I chose her as my avatar because she not only reveals my identity as a huge fan of Japanese Anime, but also resonates with the theme of this course. New media has come to a point where technology blurs the verge of the virtual and the real. Singing, as was thought to be a human behavior, is now gradually appropriated through the context of digital media. Writing as well witnesses the evolutionary change I would explore, experience and practice throughout the course. GUMI reminds me that I should shake off the anachronistic stereotypes for writing and pick up the new online tools and crafts used for digital construction.

Finally, the following video is one of GUMI’s hit songs. The song prompted me to further discover Japanese modern culture while for the first time informed me of the great potential of new media. Both my “real” and my “digital” identity is tightly connected with this well-liked virtual singer, thus she is the best representative of me.

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