Ian Bogost was a humorous and inspirational lecturer. He showed us many ridiculous examples of how humans combined technology with everyday tools in an ineffective fashion. One manufacturer, for instance, devised a toaster that help people toast breads smarter, which did not seem to make any sense. As technological advancement elevates our standard of living, it also burdens us with unnecessary troubles, as companies attempted to connect all our apparatuses with the internet, despite the fact that many worked better without being connected. He commented on this inconceivable phenomenon by stating that the computational aspect of devices had become a goal rather than a means. That is to say, the use of computer is not to bring us convenience, but to uphold a newly-emerged lifestyle flooding every young individuals in the contemporary world. He also debunked the conventional anxiety we had on robots, namely we thought robots would destroy human world in a catastrophic manner. Yet the real threat, according to Bogost, was for the technology to “remain just as ordinary as it is, and overtake us anyway”. This prompted me to rethink my relationship with technology. It is true now that I cannot live without technology, to an extent that convinced me technology has already overtaken human lives.

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