Same Day is an experimental program that inventively combined narrative with photography. The three artists addressed their stories through lecturing while displaying photographs on the screen. What drew my attention was the first artist, Michael David Murphy, who made a moving and fiery speech regarding U.S. politics, yet the pictures he displayed were completely irrelevant and personal, namely the garbage in front of his house, his daughter playing with a pair of shoes, etc. By doing so, he intended to explore the ability of how audience can “fill in the blanks”. It worked well on me because suddenly everything that appeared on the screen looked extremely political, despite the fact that these images bore no relevance with the narrative. Our imagination can be unconsciously evoked by the manipulation of mediums, a phenomenon that numerous media companies have referred to in order to generate profits and effects. Through the whole performance I was trying to put together a complete picture from the seemingly scattered narratives and images, and it was the artists’ intention to let us draw inferences by ourselves.

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