A Couple with Inverse Timelines

It is controversial to complicate a warm scene between a mother and her son, but the age discrepancy between the two sparks imagination. In my story, the woman comes from a parallel universe where the timeline is inverse to that on the earth. That is to say, the woman the young man will see tomorrow is actually the woman in her yesterday. The reverse is also true. For the woman, whatever happens tomorrow is whatever happened in the man’s yesterday. Both of them face a future that their loved ones will become more and more like a stranger to them (we can say their partners are “oblivious” since they do not share the same memories). The couple’s timelines stagger in a way that their futures can only go towards each other’s past, but never towards the same future.

Thus when the man asked  “Can I still see you tomorrow?” The woman answered  “Yes” because the man will be going into her yesterday. However, the woman’s interaction with the man would end by her tomorrow, which was the man’s yesterday in which he had not yet met the woman.

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